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War of 2012 New Server Key Giveaway

Start time: 00:00AM PST on Aug. 30, 2011

Amount of Keys: 1000

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163 Keys remaining!
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War of 2012 Gift will give you:

Resource Ticket*10
Premium Membership*1
Blue Hero Orb (Bound) *1
Blue Equipment Set (Bound) *1

Guide on How to use the key :

Step 1, Register at to create an account on any server of 2012 (If you already own an account, you can skip to Step 2)

Step 2, Login the game, and you will reach the interface below:

Step 3, Click the "Shop" (the one marked with the red rectangle)

Step 4, This will open the Shop Page, then select "Cards". On this page, you may claim rewards.

Step 5, After you paste the key in the rectangle, then click "Get Rewards", and you will claim a reward.

1. Each key can only be applied once, but you can choose to apply it on any 2012 live server.
2. Each game account can only claim this type of key once. If you own more than 1key and you only play on a single server, then we suggest you create an account on other server to redeem rewards or give the keys to friends who play the game as well. You can?t use this type of key twice, if you try to, you will receive a reminder as follow:

3. You can redeem a valid key on any War of 2012 live server from 2011-8-26 to 2012-12-22(CST)

About War of 2012

War of 2012 is a browser based SLG game developed by Playful Games, devoting to make games playful. Before the English Version has been released on 1th Oct, 2010, the Korean and Japanese copy have earned great population among Eastern Asia Market. The game is based on the story of Maya prophecy that the world will end in 2012. In the land of being tortured, player starts out from Dark Age, where wilderness and Far East evilness dominate. Using battle tactics and strategy, as well as smart city management will allow players to wipe out darkness and create a flourishing new world.

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