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Torn City Newbie Gift Pack Giveaway Event



Torn City is the world's largest text-based online RPG.

Start time: 19:00PM PST on April 18, 2012

Amount of Key: 100

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0 Keys remaining!

Sorry! Since all the keys have been distributed the event is conclude.

Bonus Details:

A truely amazing bonus:

* $10,000 TCD

The average player enters Torn City with just $750 Torn City Dollar, so this $10,000 extra bonus gives you a huge advantage.

*Booster Pack

Known in Torn City as a "donator pack" as this would cost you $5.00 USD (real money). The donator pack benefits last for 31 days, giving you an energy boost, faster recovery times and lots more.

*AK-47 (with ammo)

This weapon costs $15,000 TCD so having this as a new player is unheard of and will seriously help you look after yourself in the early days.

How to use the key:

Simply append your key to the following URL and register.

About Torn City

Torn City is the world?s largest text-based online RPG.

The city is volatile and you are weak, poor and vulnerable. Your aim is to become stronger, wealthier, respected and ultimately infamous, but there are no set rules on how to get there.

You choose your path; you do it your way!

A job will start earning you a daily wage which you may choose to spend on weapons and armour. People will attack you for money or respect, so you need to be prepared.

If a job doesn?t bring in enough money for the lifestyle you crave, you'll need to get your hands dirty?

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