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Supremacy1914 2 Weeks Premium For Free

Supremacy1914 2 Weeks Premium For Free

Start time: 04:00PM PST on May. 08th, 2013

End time: 00:00AM PST on May. 22th, 2013


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  2. Every new player who signs up in this period will get the free premium each

First time players strategy guide:

1.Supremacy1914 is a grand strategy game, as such it is not a micromanaged tactical war game. This is actually a very important distinction. You will not be setting taxes, building highly detailed infrastructures, or determining who is a worker and who is a soldier. You will however be using generalized quotions to your benefit or detriment.

Supremacy1914 2 Weeks Premium For Free

2. Of the several facets of game play, the most valuable to all players is morale. Ever player can benefit from becoming intimately acquanted with what morale is and how it works. Without morale you won't get very far, you will however discover the limitations of a military without an infrastructure, it won't be pleasant.

So, what is morale, beyond the simple technical measurement? It is the measure of how well you provide your citizens with what they want. Quite simply if you don't feed, house, or otherwise take care of your people they won't like you, as their leader, very much. Look in the 'Manuel' to find out what they will want, and how much of it. Read on for how to prevent problems with it.

Supremacy1914 2 Weeks Premium For Free

3. Another important factor in Supremacy is trade. Most new players have the mistaken idea that since you have such a great military to start with your set to relieve your supply problems (see all the red numbers in your status box in the game?) by conquest alone.

Nothing can be further from the truth, in fact there is more then one problem with this idea. No conquest, especially without forethought, will only dig you deeper in the hole of bad morale and lack of supplies. The fact is there is only one answer to your supply problems that doesn't risk your morale, or worse your whole country, that answer is trade.

Supremacy1914 2 Weeks Premium For Free

4. Another factor of the game that directly effects morale, and therefore your overall probabilities of success, is provincial improvements. It is a serious matter to be sure, because it does so greatly effect your morale and your production numbers. You should consider that not every improvement is going to benefit every province in every country the same. No, there is a strategy to building them that you must relearn for every different country you play.

Supremacy1914 2 Weeks Premium For Free

Here's a good rule of thumb that may help. If your low in a resource (red) that your country produces, provinces that have that resource really need some improvement. On the other hand if an improvement requires a resource you don't have or won't have enough of it won't be much of an improvement to build it.

Clearly this is another area of strategic desicion, not just a matter of expediance. What good will a railroad do you if you have no coal to run it? Or a factory if you have no oil/mining/wood to use it. Again a good cause for trade in the long run.

5.Supremacy1914 2 Weeks Premium For Free

Supremacy 1914 is a free browserbased strategy game. Up to 30 competitors battle for several weeks for control of Europe. Both, military and diplomatic skills will be essential on your road to victory! No tables like in 95% of all browser games.

In Supremacy 1914, the player becomes head of a mighty nation in precarious Europe after the turn of the century. He faces the challenge to become the undisputed sovereign leader of the whole continent using smart diplomacy or simply the brute force of his glorious armies.

Audacious combats and the clever development of a prospering infrastructure are the foundation for victory. Yet, absolute power is reserved to the combatant who forms the most intelligent and mightiest alliances.

Supremacy is a real time strategy game for up to 30 participants. A sophisticated AI ensures fun even in rounds with less than 30 participants. The duration of one round varies between four to eight weeks. You play on a map where units move continuously instead of being listed in tables, like in most browser games.

Already more than 100,000 players have registered for this strategy game by Bytro Labs. Strategists can play private rounds with friends or against competitors from all around the world, and this completely free of charge.

In 2009 Supremacy 1914 won the Community-Award in the Browser Game of the Year-election that hold by Galaxy-News.

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