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Win a FREE iPod Touch!

Win a FREE iPod Touch

The Star Supremacy Operations Team has been working tremendously hard on the newest version of Star Supremacy, which is planned for release towards the end of August/early September. To prepare for the release, Star Supremacy hands with BBGsite to hold some awesome events for you guys.

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About the Rewards:

Rewards will be given out the same week that the event ends (September 13). We will update everyone when we start giving out rewards.

Social Media Event - Duration: August 13-September 13

We will be posting an event banner on both Star Supremacy facebook and Star Supremacy twitter.

To earn a chance at winning the iPod Touch, you must do ALL of the following:

1. Like Facebook Page

Or Follow on Twitter

2. Like Star Supremacy Facebook Page

Or Follow Star Supremacy on Twitter

3.Like the event banner that is posted on Star Supremacy facebook.(get bonus points for Sharing the image to all your friends).

4.Reaching level 15 in the game.

Note: Participants must post up their in-game name and server on the comment below.

To all users including currently existing players:

Like Facebook page = 200 b-credits
Follow Twitter page = 200 b-credits
Liking AND Sharing the facebook event banner = 200 b-credits
Re-tweeting the event on Twitter = 200 b-credits

The more you do, the more we reward you. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Level Up Event - Duration: August 13-September 13

New users who reach the highest level and post up a screenshot of their character on the comment below will win B-credits and a premium in-game item (the top 5 players).

First place: 1000 b-credits
Second place: 800 b-credits
Third place: 500 b-credits
Fourth place: 300 b-credits
Fifth place: 100 b-credits

Note: Players who are the same level will be rewarded (ie: If the highest level player is 20 and there are 6 level 20 players, we will reward all 6 players).

Pirate Raid Event - Duration: August 13-September 13

New users who can post up a screenshot of 5 successful pirate raids will win 200 B-Credits and an in-game item.

About Star Supremacy:

Star Supremacy is a massively multiplayer space conquest web game. In the distant future, tensions rise as the limited resources of earth run out. This is the story of the three major human factions while they compete to survive and expand.

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