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Soul of Guardian Server 1 Starter Kit Giveaway Event

Soul of Guardian Server 1 Starter Kit Giveaway Event

Note: Ray Media Group Limited, releases Soul of Guardian, Server 1, named Immortal Souls, at 10:00pm July 12th (EST)

Event Time: July 12th, 2012 - August 12th, 2012 (EST)

Amount of Keys: 600

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41 Keys remaining!
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The Starter Kit Includes:

Epic Training Order*1
Rare Potential Orb*3
Magic HP Spring*1
Magic Mana Spring*1
Cracked Magic Rune*5
Cracked Soul Rune*5
Strengthening Rune*5
Small Silver Card*2
Flying Shoes*20
Wind Horn*10
Little Candy*5

Guide on How to Use Starter kit:

You may grip the Starter Kit card code from our site, and enter the game directly via sign-up page, Open ID available. Gamers who already registered in Gamedp could go directly to its official website .After that, you may claim the Starter Kit and begin your journey with an advantage over your adversaries.

Please enter the game first

1.Simply click the "Gift" button in the upper right corner to enter the claim page.Soul of Guardian Gift

2 .Choose "Bonus", and scroll down to find "Newbie Card Giftpack". Click "Claim Gift", enter the code, then "Confirm" it.
Soul of Guardian

3. Then you will see the detailed items you can get from the Starter Kit. Double Click to use it.
Soul of Guardian Gift

About Soul of Guardian

Soul of Guardian is a browser based ARPG, a perfect combination of different cultures. It pictures a world of fantasy with four classes of characters, six guardian beasts with outstanding power and two nations with distinct goals, definitely a refreshing experience to your senses!

For more details, please visit:
Official Website:
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Facebook Page:

About Ray Media Group Limited

Ray Media Group Limited was founded in 2009 and then expanded itself into a much bigger one in 2012. Now we become an independent publisher, a globalized team concentrates on browser-based game development. What is more, a cutting-edge gaming platform is on our schedule and we intend to become a significant role in all the major gaming markets worldwide.

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