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Shepherd Ville Pack Giveaway Event (Exclusive)

Shepherd Ville Pack Giveaway Event

Notes: Each account can claim and redeem one code only. The event Gift Key is available until 23:59 AM PST on December 31, 2012


Start time: June 29, 2012 AM 00:00 - July 14, 2012 AM 23:59(PST)

Amount of Keys: 500

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322 Keys remaining!
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Gift Pack Contents:

Limited - Farm life boost set(Place it on the farm and advance a day.)
Magic hand It can extend until the corners of the screen. Valid for 24 hrs.
Dash boots A wondrous boots that doubles your walking speed. Valid for 24 hrs.
Action power limit +60 Increases your action power limit by 60. Valid for 168 hrs.
Farm lunchbox Sheep Village's original special lunchbox. It will soothe your fatigue when eaten! Recovers 150 energy.
Sheep Village's original rice balls It will recover a little strength when eaten. Recovers 25 energy.

How to Redeem Your Gift Pack:

1. Enter the Game

2. Click "Gift Key Exchange"

3. Select Shepherd Ville

4. Accept and allow the app

5. Enter your Gift Key

6. Go to your "Treasure Box" to receive your gifts and deliver them

About Shepherd Ville

In Shepherd Ville, the game employs all kinds of crop and livestock for players to raise. Other than purchasing from the market, you will be able to gain adorable and useful items from the limited period quests. Given a considerate gaming experience, players can decorate freely and create a unique personal farm through different animals, crops and items received as the character level goes higher. Moreover, harvested crops and fully grown livestock can be sold to the market for game coins and experience.

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