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Sentinel Heroes Lost Hills Giftpack Giveaway Event

Sentinel Heroes Lost Hills Giftpack Giveaway Event

Event Time: 2014-7-14 to 2014-7-31

Amount of Keys: 2000

Overview Forum

Note: The gift will be delivered to your inventory right away. Only one code per account.

1785 Keys remaining!
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Lost Hills Giftpack (over 200 dollars) includes:

Common Rune Chest*2
Green Wisp*1
Poison Golem*1

To Redeem your key:

1. Sign up and create a character in Sentinel Heroes.

2. Click the giftpack icon in the lower left corner of the screen besides the Chat.

3. Select "Lost Hills Giftpack", paste your key and click Redeem.

About Sentinel Heroes

Sentinel Heroes is role-playing game merged with turn-based strategy, wrapped into an adventure mini-series about the Epic War between Sentinel and Scourge. Follow the call of fate and defend the honor of Sentinel now!

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