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Seven Seas Saga Open Beta Gift Pack Giveaway

Seven Seas Saga Open Beta Gift Pack Giveaway

Start time: 9:00AM PDT on May 29th, 2013

Amount of Keys: 800

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512 Keys remaining!
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The Open Beta Gift Pack Will Give You:

Item Name
Condensed Ration 10,000 Food and water to be consumed on the sea.
Special Round Shot 10,000 Cannonball. Intended to destroy enemy's hull.
Special Chain Shot 10,000 Cannonball. Intended to destroy enemy's sail.
Special Grape Shot 10,000 Cannonball. Intended to kill enemy's sailors.
Water-proof Paint 1 Rename your ship. Click the quill pen icon on Ship Panel (hotkey B) to input a name.
Coin 1,000,000 Basic currency. Can be used to trade cargoes, repair ships, hire sailors and replenish rations.
Sher's Treasure Map 1 A treasure map indicates the whereabouts of the treasures buried by Sher.

How to Redeem the Gift with a Gift Code:

Step 1: Register an account. It's free of charge.

Step 2: Login the game and create your character, then enter the game.

Step 3:Follow the red arrow shown on the picture below to click Activity button on the bottom right, a Daily Reward window pops up.Then follow the yellow arrow to switch to Welfare tag, enter the code, and click Claim. A treasure chest will appear in your inventory. Double click to open the chest and get the gifts.

Seven Seas Saga Activity Button

About Seven Seas Saga:

Enter the world of pirates, kings, and traders in the new JOYHUBs game, Seven Seas Saga. Players can play with the status of one, two, or all character types: A pirate, a merchant, or nobleman. As the owner of a ship, you will try to take hold of the seas and control them with your wit and strength. As the merchant, buy, sell, and trade your wares and learn the best times to hold and sell your merchandise. As the nobleman, you defend your kingdom from the seas from the evils of the pirates while growing your own kingdoms wealth. Players can attack other ships, trade their wares in the many city harbors connecting the ocean, and become the King of the seas.

Players can expect to:

1. Quests to receive great rewards, treasures, and items for your ship

2. Upgrading your ship with stronger crew, bigger guns, faster sails

3. Trading with ports and other players to help in your fights with other pirates

4. Sea fights with opponents all over the world. Many types of fighting are available:

  • Firing - Firing your cannons and attack those in a distance to you.
  • Ramming - Ram your ship against your opponent's ship.
  • Boarding - Board your opponent's ship and fight with swords by the grit of your teeth.

5. Siege fighting for control of ports, ruins, and more.

6. Guilds, Associations, and Country contributions.

7. Able to dig for treasure in the many locations in the Seas.


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