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Rock Age Christmas Gift Giveaway

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Event will start at 00:00AM PST on Dec. 17th, 2010

End time: Event will conclude when all the keys are distributed.

Amount of Keys: 500


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Login to claim your key here

In order to redeem a key, user will follow these steps:

•   Log in BBGsite and obtain one gift code.

•   Log in your Facebook or sign up a Facebook account and then go to the Game Page.

•   Sign up your game ID, choose the server you like and log in the game.

•   Finish the tutorial, open the Mall panel in game and click “Redeem Point” in the lower left part.

•   Enter your gift code and click “Confirm”.

•   Congratulations! You’ve got 100 gift points and can start your exciting journey in Rock Age!



1. A gift code can be redeemed for only once.
2. You can redeem only once with one account.
3. The gift code is due Jan 31th, so hurry up!


The gift will help you:

The code contains 100 Gift Points with which you can buy freely from up to 100 item choices in Mall.

Some nice options are:

Labor Order (50 Gift Points): A Labor Order increases Building Queues from 2 to 5 for 3 days.
Common Jewelry Chest (80 Gift Points): It contains 2-4 random gems from Pearls, Corals and Glazes.
Taming Rod (80 Gift Points): Taming Rod grants you a Mount at random.


About Rock Age

Rock Age is a brand new concept advanced strategy game on Facebook platform where players can enjoy both the fun of war strategy as well as the leisure fun of tendering their own ranch. It is the REAL game on Facebook! Play Now and Experience!

* You act as a chieftain to build a rich and fortified city in ancient Rock Age.
* Command legendary heroes and powerful army to expand your territory and experience the epic war.
* Take over the Political Centers and rule over the world with and against thousands of other real players.
* Play Farm Game with your friends to increase your city's income.


General Rules:

1. Participant must be a registered user of BBGsite.

2. One key per member only.


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