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RacingLife Gift Pack Giveaway Event

RacingLife Gift Pack Giveaway Event

Start Time: Nov. 21th, 2013 (EST)

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How to Claim:

1. Each player who joins the game and takes part in at least two races will receive additional 50 credits. Credits are the in-game currency that you can use to boost trainings or upgrades, to restore energy and also to purchase exclusive game items or services such as premium/vip helmets liveries and more laps in time-trial competitions. To receive 50 credits bonus, send an email with your name from the game at the following afer finishing your second race.

Game Desciption:

Modern graphics, unique design and thoroughly improved driving physics make the game more realistic with high levels of adrenaline.

At the moment you can set your kart parameters and compete against other players in the 2nd time-trial championship. In the final version of our game you will be able to:


Become a team manager and find the most talented drivers among other players in Manage your staff, team budget, facilities and lead your team to first place in the championship.


Each race series requires the driver to develop different skills to enable them to get the most out of the car. Train in the right skills to be successful in every step of your racing career.


Don't let your driving skills be hampered by a slow car. Buy or develop new car parts, upgrade and keep them at the highest performance level to beat your opponents.

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