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Pet Forest Plus: Legend of the Wild Lost Treasures Giveaway

Pet Forest Plus: Legend of the Wild Lost Treasures Giveaway

Event Time: Sept. 15th, 2012 - Sept. 30th, 2012 (PST)

Amount of Keys: 500

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0 Keys remaining!

Sorry! Since all the keys have been distributed the event is conclude.

About Lost Treasures Giveaway:

Pet ForestPlus has been one of the most popular MMO games since the past two years. PlayOMG is currently celebrating two-year anniversary by releasing the new class, Druid and hosting a series of events. BBGsite kindly sponsors Lost Treasures Giveaway by providing Pet Forest fans with 500 gift keys.

Exclusive events include Awaken Forest Heroes, Druid Supply Base and much more. Those who haven?t played Pet Forest Plus for a while can get rewards when coming back into the game. Druid Supply Base can give a good boost to Druids by providing handy items every day. Free cash items, fantastic avatars and rare mounts are available during the event period. Check out Major Update Pages and Event Series Pages for more information.

About the Prize:

There are four kinds of gift card: 200 Lucky Card, 200 Double Experience Card, 60 Pet Fprest VIP Card, 40 Fanda Costume. The packs will be given out randomly. Good Luck!

Pet Forest Prize

1. One gift key can be used to redeem for one prize in random drawing.
2. This event allows each IP address to receive the gift key for once only.

How to Redeem Your Prize:

1. Go to PlayOMG game portal ( ).

2. Select account type and log in to redeem the gift key ( ).

3. The prize will be sent to your Treasure Box on Pet Forest official site (

About Pet Forest Plus: Legend of the Wild

Pet Forest Plus features MMORPG elements including avatar system, gear crafting, weapon reinforcement, living skills, numerous quests and much more. In the game players will take up the role selected from the following: Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Priest and Druid. The game employs active time battles with assistance of various pets. There are series of cute pets with unique looks and personalities for players to choose from. Given a considerate gaming experience, players are able to switch the battle between manual and automated modes.

Pet Forest Plus has released the latest major update, Legend of the Wild. In this version, players can begin adventures with the new class, Druid. With a wild look, Druids are perfectly capable of astonishing tricks. They excel in combat skills such as poison attack and pet enhancement. Players can also enjoy the anniversary celebration event series throughout September.

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