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Mythic Saga (Global Server) Gift Packs Giveaway

Mythic Saga Gift Packs Giveaway

Start time: Dec.1

Amount of Keys: 1000

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194 Keys remaining!
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The Gift Package Includes:

3 Day Gold VIP Pass x1
Pearl Essence Rank 2 x10
Bullhorn x5
Teleport Orb x5
Resurrect Scroll x5
Royal Guard Pass x5
Greater Repair Oil x5
Phoenix Tear x5

How to Use the Gift Code

1. Go to the Southern Town(Mythos), Woodville(Atlas), Lotus Village(Terra)

2. Find Pengee in this map:
Faction City

3. Enter your code and claim your gifts!
Mythic Saga Enter Code

About Mythic Saga

Mythic Saga is a browser-based MMORPG based on the stories of oriental god and goddess in the ancient days. This MMORPG contains a rich storyline of Sages, Goddesses, and dangerous monsters. It is also equipped with the latest MMORPG features, exquisite artwork, and tons of ways to make your character better than the rest.
Mythic Saga

Player will find most of the features possess by a regular MMORPG, just in a more fun and entertaining way. The outstanding graphical effects, art style and game world design will provide player a groundbreaking experience.
Mythic Saga

Mythic Saga thrusts you into a land of exotic mystery and adventure. As a hero born into a new world, you must learn how to survive with your skills and abilities. Forge stronger weapons and build up your power to cleanse the wickedness from this Mythic Land.
Mythic Saga

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