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Mythic Saga (Kongregate) Gift Packs Giveaway

Mythic Saga Gift Packs Giveaway

Start time: January 28

Amount of Keys: 500

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0 Keys remaining!

Sorry! Since all the keys have been distributed the event is conclude.

The Gift Package Includes:

2 Genius Scrolls
5 Bullhorns
2 Holy Blessing
10 Teleport Orbs
1 Pack Expansion Scroll
1 Primal Wing

How to Redeem Your Prizes:

After you have your coupon from simply register then log into the game

1. Find Pengee in your Faction City: Woodville (Atlas Faction), Lotus Village (Terra Faction), and Southern Town (Mythos Faction). He can be found at 66, 36 in each city, you will notice a big Reward over his head.
Faction City

2. Select New Server Pack from the screen and enter your code in the following screen. Hit claim to receive your reward.

1. **IMPORTANT** You must have enough space in your bag to claim all the items. Items lost due to not enough bag space will not be replaced.

About Mythic Saga

On January 25th at 8:00p.m. PST Mythic Saga will be appearing on Kongregate! Whether you are a current fan or a new player we urge you to check it out!

In Mythic Saga you start by waking up after the terrible cataclysm. You must choose a faction and fight your way through heaven and earth to find the secrets behind the world and yourself. You journey will take you to far off lands and you will meet lots of monsters and other players in this MMORPG.

This game comes equipped with the latest and greatest game features including: upgradable mounts, relics, many social features (marriage, titles, etc.), multiple PVP maps, guild events, and a vast world for you to explore. The developers have included an extensive event system that will keep players busy with a plethora of events.

Mythic Saga also has many updates in the making so those hard core players will never be left standing with nothing to do. So join us on our first Kongregate server: Savage Ridge.

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