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League of Angels (GTArcade) Gift Code Giveaway Event

League of Angels (GTArcade) Gift Code Giveaway Event

Event Time: 2013.02.25

Amount of Keys: 200

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0 Keys remaining!

Sorry! Since all the keys have been distributed the event is conclude.

The Gift Code will allow you to claim the following:

1. Garnet Herosouls x10 (Assists you in recruiting a Garnet Hero! Heroes have powerful spells and abilities)

2. Loralei's Icon (Required to obtain the Angel Loralei. Loralei's ultimate Rose Whisper spell deals heavy damage to all surrounding enemies!)

3. Gold x100,000 (Spend Gold in shops to purchase helpful items)

How to Redreem

1. First register an account with GTArcade here:

2.To redeem the code simply enter the game and click on the Collect Pack icon to the top right of the screen (appears as a gift wrapped present) next to the world globe. Enter your code and then click Confirm.

League of Angels (GTArcade) Gift Code Giveaway Event

About League of Angels:

League of Angels is the new MMORPG developed and published by GTArcade. League of Angels features a unique Angel focused battle system, abundant equipment sets & upgrades, roguelike features, and an expansive story. Get your head-start on your quest to recover the Seal of Light with the GTArcade League of Angels Gift Code Giveaway today!

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