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Jamia Online Exclusive item Giveaway

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Event will start at 00:00AM PST on Oct 25th, 2010

End time: Event will conclude when all the keys are distributed.

Amount of Keys: 300


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Login to claim your prize code here

In order to redeem a prize code, user will follow these steps:

•   1. Login to your Jamia account.

•   2. Click on "Prize Code" option which appears in main navigation bar.

Jamia Online's main navigation bar


•   3. It will open a page similar to this on Jamia Online's website:

Jamia Online's main navigation bar


•   4. User will enter your prize code pin in given text field.

•   5. If you enters a valid key, then you will get some reward (an item or gold or both depending on the offer).


For Halloween event, Jamia Online are giving a special mask to each user. Jamia Online got 6 masks and user will get 1 randomly.


About Jamia Online

Jamia Online is an online social game for all ages, where you can meet and hang out with thousands of other players from all over the world and have a good time. With plenty to do and plenty to see, and all the coolest of people to chat with, there's no end to the fun you can have here!


NOTE: If you have any question, please reply here:



General Rules :

1. Participant must be a registered user of BBGsite.

2. One key per member only.


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