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EuroGangster Newbie/Premium Pack Giveaway Event

Notes: One key per IP only!


Start time: 00:00 AM PST on June. 5, 2012

Amount of Keys: 500

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330 Keys remaining!
2.Sign in or Sign up to Claim your key

How to participate:

Step 1: Log into BBGsite (or simply login with your MMOsite account).

Step 2: Click to claim EuroGangter Gift Code

The Newbie/Premium Pack includes:

. 3 Brave every 5 minutes instead of every 10 minutes.

. If you are a normal style user: 15 Energy every 12 minutes instead of every 18 minutes.

. If you are a turtle style user: 15 Energy every 24 minutes instead of every 32 minutes

. Access to an exclusive donators only forum.

Guide on how to use the key:

. When you have registered at the top of thepage you ll find a link called Contact Us. Click on that and on subject write redem code. And at the message box write down your code and submit.

. The prizes will be credited maximum in 24h.

. Already registered members can not claim this prize.

About EuroGangster:

In EuroGangster, you start in The Slums when you first begin. As you progress your stats, level, money and reputation; you can then travel to other main cities around United States. Then you can travel to overseas cities where players will be able to import/export items. Start up own companies, deal drugs, gang wars, gang organized crimes ... possibilities are endless as our team will always be releasing new exciting features in-game.


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