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Dragon's Call Halloween Gift Pack Giveaway Event

Thank you for participating our Halloween Event.

Amount of Keys: 300 + 500(Nov. 2nd, 2011)

Official Site More Info

(These gift codes can only be used in Gamedp Official servers. The site is:

0 Keys remaining!

Sorry! Since all the keys have been distributed the event is conclude.

Dragon's Call Gift Package will give you:

- 1 day free VIP membership
- 2 hours Experience bless
- 50 Magic Debris
- 20 Energy Crystals
- 2 Magic Scroll

Guide on How to use the key :

Dragon's Call BBG Site Halloween Event has just begun (EST Oct 30, 2011). You may grip the gift code card from our site, and enter the game directly (Open ID available). After that, you may claim the gift code card and enjoy your Halloween Day.

-   Step 1- After you sign in the game. Simply click the "Gift" button to enter the claim page.

-   Step 2 - Enter the Gift code card code you got from our site and click "Claim Now" button.

-   Step 3 - Then you will see the detailed items you can get from the Gift code card, simply click the "Enter" button to finish the last step and your in-game gifts will be transfer into your inventory directly.


One key per member only.

About Dragon's Call

Dragon's Call is an exciting MMO game for those players seeking something new. The game is a fantasy-themed browser game with exclusive features including: 1) Chess-board like Instance Maps; 2) A Skycity Arena with different players for you to combat; 3) The Guild War combat system where players have chances to become Dragon Knights and fight in team battles against multiple enemy players;

And there is a vast array of magical items that you will just have to come and see for yourself. You get to choose your own class from the strong and powerful warrior, the wise and intelligent mage, or the agile and cunning assassin. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us. (There will be in-game helpers (GH) available to assist you with any questions).

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