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Die2Nite Limited Closed Beta Key Giveaway

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Event will start at 00:00AM PST on Nov. 5st, 2010

End time: Event will conclude when all the keys are distributed.

Amount of Keys: 100+300(Nov.09)


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In order to redeem a key, user will follow these steps:

•   To use the codes, simply go to www.die2nite.com and click "I want to join Die2Nite". Fill in the registration form and remember to enter your invitation key.


About Die2Nite

Die2Nite is a game of survival set in a hostile world inhabited by the living dead. The players (or citizens) are divided into groups and are allocated a small town where they must organise themselves each day in such a way as to survive as long as possible against these beings. The last remaining survivor will become the Hero of the town.


NOTE: If you have any question, please reply here:



General Rules :

1. Participant must be a registered user of BBGsite.

2. One key per member only.


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