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Conquest of Thrones S2 Gift Package Giveaway Event

Thank you for your participation!

Start time: 00:00AM PST on Jan. 14, 2012

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0 Keys remaining!

Sorry! Since all the keys have been distributed the event is conclude.

Conquest of Thrones 's Gift Package will give you:

Merit Giftpack*1

Merchants Banknote*1

Health Elixir*50

Energy Elixir *50

Study Mastery*5

Pet Training Guide*10

Goddess Tears*10

Leather Bag*1

How to use the key :

1. Enter the game Conquest of Thrones:

2 Sign Up an account and choose Sever 2 "Sunspear". (Note: this starter key can only be used in server 2 Sunspear)

3. Click the "Promo Code" button at the right bottom.

4. Enter the gift keys you have got.

5. Open your Bag.

6. Right click the Gift Pack to use.

Note: One game account can redeem one starter key only.

About Conquest of Thrones

With the background of a kingdom in chaos, player in Conquest of Thrones must serve his clan and bring peace to the kingdom on the brink of war. This free strategy role-play browser-based game enables player to explore his own destiny by conquering territory and strengthening his power. Aside from its awesome game play, Conquest of Thrones offers excellent 3D graphics, expansive game world, extensive character development and fantastic featured systems.

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