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Clash of Kingdoms Open Beta Gift Package Giveaway

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Event will start at 00:00AM PST on Nov. 1st, 2010

End time: Event will conclude when all the keys are distributed.

Amount of Keys: 1000+500(Nov.05)+520(Nov.26)


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Login to claim your key here

In order to redeem a key, user will follow these steps:

•   1. Sign in the game after registration, and choose Emporium in the bottom-right corner, then click the button from the pop-up window.

Clash of Kingdoms Closed Beta Key Giveaway

•   2. After filling in the exchange code you got, the rewards will be displayed when you click on the “View Contents” button. Then confirm to “Exchange”.

Clash of Kingdoms Closed Beta Key Giveaway

•   3. Check the rewards stored under each tag of your Inventory.

Clash of Kingdoms Closed Beta Key Giveaway


Notes: 1. During the Open Beta Test, either an account or an exchange code can be used to claim rewards only once.                  And the code will become invalid after its duration.
             2. It does not work for other server players. It's only for S1 server.


The key of Clash of Kingdoms will give you:

•   Complete Craftsmen's Manual -Decrease building time for one Project by 50%. Multiple Craftsmen's Manuals can be used per project.

•   Roll-Call Platform -Decrease recruitment time by 30%. Multiple Role-Call Platforms can be used per queue. Can Marching Speed-up recruitment time of an individual soldier to 10 seconds at the fastest.

•    Yellow Emperor's Cauldron -Increases a designated manor's output of Wood, Stone, Iron, Food and Silver by 20% for 72 hours. (Does not stack with the effect of other output-increasing Items)

•    The Authoritative Lu Ban Manual -Increase a designated manor's building queue to ten projects for 72 hours.

•   Vermillion Finch Banner -Increase one hero's Attack by 20% for 72 hours.

•   Silver -Eseential Resource for Technology Upgrades and City Development

•    Kirin Banner -Double experience earned by a designated Hero within a 72 hour time period. (Does not apply to experience gained through experience items)

•    Western Mountain Mist -Use to Restore a designated Hero's Stamina by 2000.


About Clash of Kingdoms

Clash of Kingdoms is a browser-based MMOSLG set in the war-torn plains of Ancient China, where players collaborate in developing cities, raising armies and waging epic battles to elevate their kingdoms to absolute sovereignty above all nations. Clash of Kingdoms boasts three innovative systems – Elections, Legions and Kingdom Warfare - that facilitate collaboration and bring the thrill of ancient history to life.


NOTE: If you have any question, please reply here:



General Rules :

1. Participant must be a registered user of BBGsite.

2. One key per member only.


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