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Call of Gods(YooGames) Server 7 Newbie Card Giveaway Contest

Start time: 00:00AM PST on March. 01, 2012

Amount of Keys: 300

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0 Keys remaining!

Sorry! Since all the keys have been distributed the event is conclude.

How to use code? (The code can only be used in server 7)

If you have an activation code for gift, you can do these following steps to get it.

Sanctaria ---- Palace of the Sovereign -----Victoria
Human: The NPC is in Palace of the Sovereign of Sanctaria. Her name is Victoria.

Necrolis ----- Twilight Citadel ----- Stinara
Undead: The NPC is in Twilight Citadel of Necrolis. Her name is Stinara.

Arthlan ----- Kingtree ----- Falyara
Elf: The NPC is in Kingtree of Arthlan. Her name is Falyara.

Go to the corresponding map and talk to NPC, you will see

button. Click itand enter the code, you will gain the package.

When you enter the gifts code, please copy the code instead of manual operation, just in case of errors!

About Call of Gods

COG is an MMORPG webgame in which players will play a warrior of human, elf or undead and develop their army to fight against each others. Masure continent ushered in another new day. A human elder opened a diary under candlelight, recalling those glorious years which was at war with brutal demons. The faithful falcon trembled facing the distant jungle and twittered to awaken the sleeping elf ranger. The undead necromancer gently shook the bottle, closed his eyes and meditated on the new alchemical formula.

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