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New Game, New Gifts, Call of Gods Giveaway Event

The first open beta server will be opening on April 19th at 7:00PM PST. To celebrate the occasion, Kunlun Online are giving away free gift codes! Participate and play to get yours NOW! With this gift code, you are entitled to better weapons, better heroes and a much better chance to rise from the rest!

Start time: 00:00AM PST on Apr. 19th, 2011

Amount of Keys: 300

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0 Keys remaining!

Sorry! Since all the keys have been distributed the event is conclude.

In order to redeem a key, user will follow these steps :

1. Register for a Koramgame account.
(hyper link on register: )
2. Log in to S1 Athos and create a character.
3. Click on “World” icon to the top-right of the main interface.
4. Advance to Human main city “Sanctaria”    (exchange gift for Human)
    Advance to Elf main city “Arthlan”    (exchange gift for Elf)
    Advance to Undead main city “Necrolis”      (exchange gift for Undead)
5. Click on the main building “Palace of the Sovereign” to move to there    (exchange gift for Human)
     Click on the main building “Kingtree” to move to there    (exchange gift for Elf)
     Click on the main building “Twilight Citadel” to move to there    (exchange gift for Undead)
6. Talk to “Human Guide-Victoria”    (exchange gift for Human)
    Talk to “Elf Guide-Falyara”    (exchange gift for Elf)
    Talk to “Undead Guide-Stinara”    (exchange gift for Undead)
7. Click on “Get Gifts”
8. Enter the exchange code of the Gift Package and gain wonderful presents

How to check whether you have received the Gift Package?

1. Enter the exchange code of the Gift Package and gain wonderful presents.

2. Click “Inventory”

3. Find the Gift Package in your Inventory.

About Call of Gods

Call of Gods is a beautifully rendered, free-to-play fantasy war game that combines the best elements of RPGs with classic city-building strategy. Manage a bustling metropolis, travel through exotic lands, and meet hundreds of characters and players along your journey! A whole world is waiting for you! Join now and lead one of three unique races against the Demonic forces that plague the Masure mainland.

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