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Blood and Jade Beta Key Giveaway Event

Blood and Jade Beta Key Giveaway Event

Activation Duration: Oct.29 - Nov.30

Amount of Keys: 1000

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0 Keys remaining!

Sorry! Since all the keys have been distributed the event is conclude.

The Gift Code Includes:

HP Pool x1

MP Pool x1

Transform Potion x1

Xianyang Scroll x5

How to Claim:

1. Go to the homepage to login.

2. Click the Prizes button located at the top right of your screen.

Blood and Jade Beta Key Giveaway Event

2. Select the Use Codes tab, input your gift code, and click the Exchange button.

Blood and Jade Beta Key Giveaway Event

Notes: Promo codes may only be used once per server. Rewards obtained from the gift code are bound, and will be delivered directly to your backpack.

About Blood and Jade:

Set during the Warring States period of ancient China, Blood and Jade takes players to an exotic land of mystery and mysticism. In addition to questing, crafting, PvP and guild warfare, Blood and Jade offers its own unique features. Goddesses, with their own sets of skills and abilities, can be recruited to fight at the player's side. Further character combat abilities are improved through gathering Chi, attained from not only questing, but also from a 'meditation' mode. Control over the empire is done directly by players themselves, after earning the position in campaigns against other players with the same goal.

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