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Anime Ninja Elite Diamond Package Giveaway

Anime Ninja Elite Diamond Package Giveaway

Event Time: Nov. 11th - Nov. 14th

Amount of Keys: 500

Official Site Overview Play Now

0 Keys remaining!

Sorry! Since all the keys have been distributed the event is conclude.

This Package Contains:

1. 188x Lvl. 1 Silver Cards (Can be used to get Silvers)
2. 3x Spirit Scrolls (Can be used to upgrade Summons)
3. 3x Paper Bombs (Can be used to get random items)
4. 3x Lvl. 1 Jade Box (Open box to gain random Lvl. 1 Jade)
5. 888 Ability Point
6. 888 Prestige / Reputation Point

How to Use the Code:

1. Login into Anime Ninja through this link:

2. Choose the server you would like to use to redeem the Key.

3. Enter the game and click on this icon Anime Ninja

4. A Panel will appear, simply copy and paste your Code into the Panel and click "Receive" Anime Ninja

5. The Elite Diamond Pack will be sent into your Bag, left click it and then click "Use" to get all the Items.

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