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What's BBGsite Gift Center?
BBGsite Gift Center is established to give BBGsite users a chance to get browser game gifts from BBGsite. Some gifts will be given out for free, while some hot ones may have to be exchanged using BBG Gold. More and more types of gifts will be added into the center, including virtual items, gold, premium accounts from various browser games, etc.
What is BBGgold used for?
At present, BBGgold works as MMOgold does. You can buy anything available in MMOsite Shop with BBGgold, such as game point cards, virtual items. BBGsite Shop will be also set up soon, and you’ll then be able to use BBGgold to buy more browser games related items.

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What is BBGgold?
BBGgold is the main currency used on BBGsite, and can be used in a number of ways. It was created as a way for users of BBGsite to be able to earn something for everything they do on the site. It works as real money does in the real world.

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How do you earn BBGgold?
What is BBGgold used for?